The Beginning of My Journey

     I am over-weight.  There, I said it.  I have been over-weight for a long while now, but it is never an easy thing to admit.  I used to be thin when I was younger, and most of the time I still feel thin, until I see myself in a mirror.  Over the last few years I have “dieted” for a week here and there, but never really stuck with it, but I have finally realized that something has to change or I will just keep getting bigger.  That is what this blog is for, so I have a way to document what I am doing, what is working and what is not, save and share recipes, and so I feel I have something to help hold me accountable for getting my body back.

     I have chosen to begin a low-carb lifestyle in order to help me upon this journey.  I did not just randomly pick a type of diet to start, this choice was made because I have noticed that I rely heavily on carbs as the base of my meals.  There are days where I may have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, a sandwich and chips for lunch, and then pasta and garlic bread for dinner.  That doesn’t even count the glasses of sweet tea, coffee with sugar, and soda that I drink.  Even when carbs are not the base of my meal, they are on the sides as I grew up learning that a complete meal consisted of meat, fruit, veggie, and a starch.  When I snack it is most often on candy, cookies, cakes, or ice-cream.  Almost every thing I eat contains copious amounts of carbs!

    It is because of this abundance of carbs that I have decided to start a low-carb lifestyle.  In preparation for this new way of eating, I have been researching like crazy to come up with lists of what is acceptable to eat while being low-carb.  I looked up countless recipes and even tried out a couple.  Once all my planning was finished, I went shopping!  I filled my cart with all sorts of meats, cheeses, and vegetables.  I felt a little odd skipping the potatoes, breads, pastas, and sweets, but  I managed to walk out of the store with out any high-carb food items.

     Tomorrow will be my first official day living low-carb and I feel prepared.  I know that for the first few weeks I will most likely crave carbs because of my reliance on them currently, but I am determined to make this work.  I will take baby steps on this journey if need be, but I will keep going.


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