Day One…Completed

My first day of eating low-carb is coming to a close and I survived!  I have read that it does not get really hard until about day three when all the carb cravings seem to hit all at once, so I was expecting today to go pretty smoothly, and it did.

One of the first things I did this morning was weigh myself.  I had not stepped on my scale for about six weeks because I just didn’t want to see that I had gained any more weight.  However, this morning I knew I had to suck it up and step on.  After figuring out my weight and comparing it to the healthy weight range chart I was using, I realized I needed to lose 102 lbs to reach my goal weight.  This number is a bit scary!  I know that it is an attainable goal in the long run, but at the moment it seems like an unreachable number.  Because of this, and to help keep myself motivated, I am going to set smaller goals that work toward my larger goal.  My first goal is to lose 15 lbs.  This goal feels much more manageable.

I believe I ate pretty well today.  For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with spinach, or green eggs as we like to call them, and two pieces of bacon.  I am not much of a bacon eater, I like a slice or two every now and then but mostly I prefer ham or sausage as my breakfast meats.  With breakfast I did try to drink my coffee without sugar, but that just did not happen.  However, instead of the four tablespoons of sugar and sugary, flavored creamer that I normally add to my coffee, I found that I could stand drinking it with a splash of half & half and a measly one teaspoon of sugar.  I am allowing myself this “treat” for the first week and then I plan to try either decreasing the sugar or not using it at all.

Lunch was a pretty low-key meal as I just ate some turkey and cheese rolled together and some tomato slices.  Apparently, this was not enough food as I was hungry an hour later.  After a few slices of summer sausage I was good until dinner.

For dinner, I sautéed some garlic, onion, and broccoli in a tablespoon of butter and then added shredded chicken, ranch seasoning, and french-style green beans.  I served this on two cups of spinach and romaine lettuce and let me just say that for a combination that seems a little crazy, it was really good!

I drank water with my dinner, as I did with lunch, but overall today I did not drink much water.  This is not normal for me as I usually drink about a gallon a day.  Tomorrow I plan to pay attention to how much water I am drinking and make sure I am drinking enough.

With day one complete, I have strong hopes that tomorrow will be just as easy.


5 thoughts on “Day One…Completed

  1. The first step is the hardest, and you’ve taken that. I’d substitute the half and half with heavy cream for your coffee. I believe heavy cream has zero carbs. Also, establishing short term/long term goals is the way to go, IMO. Good luck going forward!

    • Thanks! I will add heavy cream to my shopping list as I bought the half & half thinking it was the better choice since it is lower in fat. I do have to get out of that way of thinking!

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