Hunger and Cinnamon Almonds

Day two is almost over so I feel that it is ok to go ahead and say it has been a success.  One thing I noticed, this morning I woke up an hour and half before I normally do because of hunger.  I was so hungry that it woke me up!  This is not normal for me, I do not usually even eat within the first couple hours of waking up because I’m just not hungry.

So while munching on my cheesy, scrambled eggs and tomato, I did a little research and found that during the first two weeks of starting a low-carb lifestyle this is normal due to the body going into ketosis.  Ketosis is when the body switches from using carbohydrates as its main fuel to using fat as the main fuel.  While this happens during the first two weeks of starting low-carb eating, a person may feel extremely hungry, but once ketosis is attained he or she tends to get hungry less often.  So I guess my hunger is a good sign.

My children ate cinnamon-covered cereal for breakfast today and I wanted so badly to make myself a bowl, too, because it smelled so cinnamon-y and good.  I did not eat any of their cereal, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day so for my evening snack I sprinkled cinnamon and a packet of Splenda on some slivered almonds.  This did the trick!  If I had any almond milk I would have added some and ate it all like a bowl of cereal, sadly I was all out.  I think this will be my go to cereal substitution for now though.

I have not ate supper yet as I am waiting for my husband to be off work so we can eat together, but I do know what I am making.  While browsing recipes on Pinterest, I found a recipe for hamburger stroganoff from Easy Low Carb Cooking.  My husband has been asking for me to make something with ground beef in it for dinner, so I will be making this tonight and as suggested by the author, I will use french cut green beans instead of noodles for the dish.  I will be serving this with a side of roasted califlower and I think it all sounds delish.

The last thing worth mentioning for the day is my water intake.  Yesterday, I noticed that I had not been drinking enough water and I decided that today I would pay more attention and make sure I was drinking plenty.  So today, I carried a 1 liter bottle everywhere with me and this definatly helped.  So far I have refilled it 5 times and I still have a few hours before bed.  I would call that a success!


2 thoughts on “Hunger and Cinnamon Almonds

  1. How did the meal turn out? It sounds great! I like your idea with the slivered almonds. The cinnamon is good for cholesterol as well. I struggle with cereal as well. My kids can eat a box of frosted flakes in a day if we’re not watching them. lol I used to eat cereal for breakfast, and it’s no longer a choice for me, so the temptation of sneaking a snack of cocoa puffs is always there for me. 🙂

  2. Hi Rob. The meal turned out pretty good, but it was different not having noodles with the beef stroganoff. I did learn that I love roasted cauliflower though, so next time I will make more so I have leftovers for the next day. I love cereal too, so I am glad to have a substitute for it. If I had cocoa puffs in my house I would be tempted to eat them as well 🙂

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