Eating Low-Carb Fast Food

Yesterday was was a pretty easy day, I had green eggs and tomatoes for breakfast and turkey with a side of cauliflower for lunch.  I snacked on some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and almonds when I was hungry throughout the day.  I did not have any issues until dinner time.

Because we had things to do once my husband got off work yesterday, we were out during dinner time.  At first we tried to wait until we got back home to eat, but when the kids started whining about their bellies growling we decided to stop for fast food.  My husband pulled into Taco Bell’s drive through and I told him what I wanted.  Then I remembered that I was trying to stay low-carb, so after I stared at the menu for about 5 minutes I still did not know what they offered that I felt comfortable eating.  I told my husband I couldn’t eat there and he should just order himself and the kids something and I could wait until we got home.  Instead, he asked where I could eat.  I remembered reading this post on Your Lighter Side, so I knew I could eat a Baconator from Wendy’s.  I ended up with a Baconator made without a bun or ketchup, which according to Wendy’s nutritional information on their website, has only 3 carbs.  I am not much of a fan of burgers unless they are homemade and I don’t like bacon all that much, so it wasn’t the best dinner in my opinion, but it was the only thing I knew I could eat, so I ate it.

I am glad that I found something to eat while we were out, but for someone who is still learning what is ok to eat while living low-carb and what is not ok, this was a bit of a hassle and quite nerve wracking.  I think that until I am more comfortable with my new WOE I will be eating at home rather than attempting to go out to eat.


7 thoughts on “Eating Low-Carb Fast Food

  1. THAT is perseverance! You had every reason to say that you were hungry and had to eat and eaten what was convenient. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve used that as a crutch and ate what I secretly wanted to eat. Your choice is a huge step in the right direction. WOE is much easier at home than on the road, and especially to someone new to it. Good job!

    • Thanks, Rob! I will admit for a half second I was tempted to just eat Taco Bell, but I am trying hard to do this right so I decided not to. I am glad I made that decision as I know I would feel bad if I had chosen differently.

  2. I think that a lot of people will say that they will start AFTER the holidays, but the potential to overindulge is too great. By starting this time of year, you’ve eliminated that possibiliity.

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