I recently received a comment on one of my posts referring to my self-love. When I read it I thought to myself, “What self-love? I obviously don’t have self-love since I am trying to change myself through this weight-loss journey I have decided to embark on.” However, I just couldn’t get this idea of self-love out of my head, so I took the time to look up the definition for self-love. According to “The Free Dictionary,” self-love is the “instinct or desire to promote one’s own well-being; regard for or love of one’s self.” 

     The part of that definition that really got me thinking was “instinct or desire to promote one’s own well-being.” Being over-weight, especially in the obese category, is not healthy, and by taking steps to change my physical condition, I am promoting my own well-being. In addition, I am only trying to make a change that affects my health and appearance, it does not affect who I am at my core. Then does that mean I have self-love?
     Well, I know there are things about myself that I love, such as my cooking skills or the fact that I will stop and buy the homeless man who is standing in the cold a warm meal because I hate the idea of anyone suffering. There are also ways I demonstrate love for myself that are not related to losing weight, such as taking care of my personal needs. I have three kids five and under and being a stay at home mom means I am with them 24/7, so if I need a couple hours or even a day to myself to reconnect with myself or my husband then I will send them to their grandma’s house and not feel guilty about it. She loves them, they love her, and I get some time alone or time with the husband.
     I am not saying there are not things I do not like about myself. I have those things too, such as my quick temper, my disorganization, and my weight, but these things do not out-weigh the good things I feel and do for myself. Knowing what I do not like about myself is a good thing as it gives me an area of myself that I can work on and make better. I am not ashamed to have things about myself that I do not like because that makes me human and I accept that nobody is perfect so I won’t ever be either.
All in all, I now know that I do have self-love and so does anyone who is doing something to take care of or better themselves. I will continue along my new journey knowing that I am making these changes not because I do not like myself, but because I do love myself.


4 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. Very well thought out. Love for yourself, or respect for yourself, is inherent in self improvement. You can not have one without the other. I think that people sometimes confuse self love with narcissism. You have 3 kids to care for, and without your health, and feeling good about yourself, that would be a difficult prospect. Great post!

    • Thanks, Rob. Taking care of little ones is difficult when you are unhealthy since you don’t have the energy needed to keep up with them. I am already noticing my energy levels rising just from eating better and working out and I am sure it will get even better as I continue on this road to better health.

  2. I loved this post. Self-love is an important factor to every aspect of your life. People will notice if you don’t love yourself, and some will take advantage of that. Loving yourself makes you strong. When I said that to you, I meant it in the sense of accepting and forgiving yourself. A lot of people tend to hate themselves because of a small stumble, but hating themselves isn’t going to help them. I didn’t get that vibe from you, so that’s why I said it. You did great then, and you’re doing great now. I’m glad you decided to look it up and understand it at a deeper level and that you believe it for yourself now. Keep taking the correct strides.

    • Thank you, Carolina. You definitely opened my eyes to the concept of self-love and I am thankful for that. I used to be the person who would hate myself if I stumbled a bit, but I am happy to know that is not who I am any longer. Now I just acknowledge that I messed up and move past it. Thanks for seeing something in me that I didn’t yet see in myself 🙂

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