I have only been eating low-carb for a little over a week now, but I have already noticed some changes happening.  The first change I noticed started only a few days into this new WOE and has stayed with me since.  It is an increase in energy.  I have been waking up completely refreshed anywhere from a half hour to two hours before my alarm goes off in the mornings.  This is a welcome change as I used to wake up when my alarm sounded and feel as if I could sleep for another 4-5 hours.  Within a couple hours of waking up, I used to have to fight the urge to take a nap, but that isn’t happening any more either.  I finally feel awake during the day and am sleeping well at night.  

     Another change I have noticed is my skin is clearing up.  I developed acne at age 9 and it is something I am still struggling with at 25, but the last few days my face is seeming to clear up.  Since I haven’t changed my skin care routine lately, I believe this is directly related to my diet changes.  

     The last change I have noticed is the amount of headaches I get has decreased.  I have always had headaches rather frequently, at least one every other day, but often times more like one a day.  If I had an abundance of carbs and sugar, I would end up with a headache.  I got checked for diabetes but when that came back negative we did not know why my headaches came from eating carbs.  Now that I am eating low-carb, I have only dealt with 2 headaches.  While I do hope that my headaches go away completely, 2 is much better than the normal 4 or 5 I would have in a week.  

     I think these changes are all a good sign that I have chosen a new WOE that is working for my body instead of against it.  I am happy with the choice I made to go low-carb and am looking forward to see what changes come next.  


7 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I love when my skin changes. My face gets very oily when I don’t eat well. No amount of foundation or powder can counter that oil slick on my face. It’s pretty gross. What I’m getting at is, I know how you must be feeling with the clearing up. It feels awesome!

    I used to get headaches as well (are you my twin?). I thought I would have them for life. They got so bad that I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. It wasn’t until you mentioned it in this post that I realized that my headaches have disappeared. I think, for me, it’s because I drink a lot of water.

    Anyway, these are all great changes. I’d consider them all non-scale victories! You’re already seeing results. Use them as motivation to keep going. 🙂

    • My skin is the same, super oily. It does feel awesome that it is clearing up though!

      I get migraines and headaches. I don’t think the migraines are caused by my diet because my mother and sister get them as well and we all eat differently, but they are debilitating. I don’t expect them to go away, but as long as the headaches go away I can deal with the occasional migraine.

      Non-scale victories is a good way to look at these changes! Thanks, Carolina.

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