A Result of Not Planning

     Recently, my family and I moved from inside the city to out in the country.  We knew we were moving for about a month before it happened, and in that month I planned where all the furniture would go, what to pack when, and all the other things needed for moving. The one thing I forgot to plan was how keep up with my low-carb lifestyle while in the midst of moving.  Since I am still very new to this WOE and I have a compulsive need to plan or organize most things, I have to plan what I eat or I feel loss.  

     I started the week of our move pretty well even without planning, I just ate what I already had on hand; however, as I started to run out of groceries at my old house and wasn’t planning to go to the store until we were in the new house things started to go badly.  The day we moved I had planned to go the grocery store and stock up on low-carb food, but a half hour before the truck was unloaded it started snowing…a lot.  Living on a back country road where the snow plows don’t get to right away meant I was not getting to the store.  I tried to stick to low-carb as much as possible but as I ran out of things I knew were low-carb foods I ended up eating food that could have been avoided if I had just planned what to eat before hand.  

     I am now back on the right track, but I am sure the last week has probably negated the four pounds I lost in week one.  The only plus side is that somewhere in the move my weight scale has gone missing and I have not been able to see the exact impact my lack of planning had on my results.  I will be buying a new scale Wednesday if I haven’t found mine by then so I can weigh in on Thursday like planned.  I will not have a number for a week 2 weigh-in, but with the way week two ended and week 3 started makes that seem like a positive thing rather than something to worry about.  


5 thoughts on “A Result of Not Planning

  1. Always move forward. Learn from your mistake, but don’t focus on it. I think you’ll be fine this Thursday which may surprise you. Living in the country can be tough, but if apply the preparation method, you should be okay. 🙂

    I don’t know if you know this or not, but Rob and I made a challenge that we think you’ll be excellent for. Here’s the link: http://newfoundfitness.wordpress.com/challenge/ Look into and let me know what you think. No worries if you decide not to join. Anyway, I want to welcome you back, again! It’s nice to hear how you’re doing.

    • I will be surprised if my number turns out well this Thursday, but maybe with all the lifting and stair climbing I did while moving will off-set the eating issues.

      I saw that you posted about a challenge and that Rob mentioned it too, so I will def check it out tonight. Thanks.

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