Week 4 Meal Plan

To keep myself on track this week with what I was eating I set down this morning and planned an entire week of meals.  This is what I came up with (L/O means left over):


Breakfast- Sausage, egg, & cheese “muffins”

Lunch- BLT wraps & creamy cucumber & tomato salad

Dinner- Broccoli cheese soup


Breakfast- Cream Cheese pancakes served w/ sugar free jam

Lunch- Turkey and veggie wrap on low-carb tortilla

Dinner- Grilled chicken breasts, garlic roasted cauliflower, & green beans w/                                    toasted pecans and crumbled bacon


Breakfast- Baked eggs w/ sausage links and tomatoes

Lunch- L/O broccoli cheese soup

Dinner- Steak, steamed veggies, & cauliflower mash


Breakfast- Breakfast burritos wrapped in ham

Lunch- Salad topped w/ L/O steak or chicken

Dinner- Chicken fried “rice” (subsituting chicken for the ham in the original                                        recipe) and egg drop soup


Breakfast- Veggie hash topped with poached egg

Lunch- Tuna salad w/ cucumbers for dipping

Dinner- Smoked sausage skillet bierocks & green beans


Breakfast- Crepes w/ berries and whipped cream

Lunch- Salad w/ turkey and boiled eggs

Dinner- Hamburger steaks w/ onion & mushroom “gravy,” cauliflower mash, &                                  roasted balsamic carrots


Breakfast- Breakfast casserole

Lunch- Cucumber and tomato salad w/ ham and cheese roll-ups

Dinner- Grilled pork chops, broccoli and cheese, & steamed veggies


I tried making this with as much variety as possible because I love cooking and get tired of making the same thing over and over.  I also made this with my family in mind so that I did not have to make separate dishes for everyone, though the kids do usually eat something more “kid-friendly” for lunch.


10 thoughts on “Week 4 Meal Plan

  1. This is an excellent meal plan. Good job.

    I looked at each day and it appears that they are very balanced. You have quite a bit of protein for most of the day which is great for staying full.

    Do this each week and this whole journey will become that much easier.

    • Thanks, Rob. I agree that having it all planned out leaves less room for temptation since I will not have to figure out what to eat at the last minute and end up making bad choices.

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