Week 4 Weigh-In

     This week was a pretty easy week, I made an meal plan and stuck to it, which helped keep me on track because I didn’t have to figure out at the last minute what to eat.  I did not manage to exercise beyond the first few days of the week because I have been sick since with a really bad cold.  As soon as I feel well again I will be putting a bigger emphasis on exercising.  

     Anyways, I did my weigh-in this morning and have lost 3.3 lbs. this week.  This puts me at a total loss of 4.3 lbs. in four weeks.  I think that meal planning helped out a lot this week, so tomorrow I will post my week 5 meal plan.  

     Well, it is back to the couch for me so I can rest up and get well.  I hope everyone has a great day!


6 thoughts on “Week 4 Weigh-In

  1. Awww! I hate to hear that you’re sick, so I wish you a speedy recovery. You did BEAUTIFULLY with the meal planning, so definitely keep doing that. As for your loss, WOW! You’re KILLING IT! 🙂 Keep going as you are!

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