I have had slow, but constant success since starting this low-carb journey.  I am proud of that, I know that slow weight loss is an indicator of being able to keep the weight off and maintaining less saggy skin.  However, yesterday my husband informed me that he already needed a new belt because his no longer fits.  

    My husband is not considered over weight and has not decided to follow my diet with me.  At home he eats the low-carb food I prepare, but he might add some bread as a side and he drinks and snacks on whatever he wants.  When he is away from home he eats as he normally would.  The biggest change for his diet would then be the addition of extra veggies and the reduction of pastas and potatoes as a side dish at dinner.  

     So, I am officially jealous of his weight loss.  

     I don’t feel jealous in a resentful way or anything, but I really wish I was seeing some faster results!


9 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Aww! Don’t say that. Men naturally lose weight more easily and quickly in comparison to women. It’s just one of those unfair facts of life. You said exactly what you need to know, “…slow weight loss is an indicator of being able to keep the weight off and maintaining less saggy skin.” Keep going forward. Don’t stop to look back or to compare. This journey is uniquely yours. He’ll have his successes and you’ll have yours. In time, you’ll be where you want to be. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carolina. My jealousy is more like the “Aww, I want that, too” playful type. I don’t actually expect to lose like he does since he is a man and losses weight easier, but I do wish I was down a size in my jeans already lol.

  2. I know the feeling – my husband drops weight by just doing generally the right things. I feel like I have to put a lot more in (and be a lot more patient) to get the same results. Hang in there – you will see results too!

    • Thanks! It does seem a bit unfair that men lose weight faster then women, but I know the time will come when my results are a lot more noticeable and I will go down in clothing sizes too. Being patient is just hard some times 🙂

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