Week 7 Weigh-In & the Repercussions of a High-Carb Meal

     Today is weigh-in day for me and I am down another 3lbs.  That gives me an overall total of 9lbs!  I am pretty pleased with this week’s loss and looking forward to hopefully getting into two digit numbers next week.  

     About a week into this low-carb journey I noticed that there were some changes taking place other than weight loss, such as my face clearing up.  I have had acne since the age of 9 and at 25 I still struggle with it, but since changing my diet I have noticed that my face is looking much better.  Instead of full-face breakouts, I have only had a few bumps and they cleared up pretty fast.  I attributed this to my change in diet, but I was not absolutely positive that it was these changes that were clearing up my acne.  However, I am now sure.

     Two nights ago, I made my family homemade chicken noodle soup and served it with some crusty bread for dipping.  I decided that I was taking a break from eating healthy so that I could eat some soup and bread too.  Before I was even finished with one bowl of soup, I was feeling nauseous and I had a very sudden, sharp headache.  I used to get this type of headaches close to everyday, especially if I ate very high amounts of sugar that day, but they went away when I started eating low-carb.  

     I didn’t finish my bowl of soup, deciding it was better not to make things worse, but within an hour I had horrible heartburn.  I hadn’t even realized when I started eating low-carb that my heartburn problems had gone away, but once it came back and I went searching for the Tums I realized that I had not needed them in close to two months.  Before changing my diet, I had heartburn every day!  I would go through bottles and bottles of Tums trying to calm it, but it never went away.  

     The biggest surprise that I got after eating this bowl of soup and chunk of bread came the next morning.  I got out of bed and went to wash my face only to find it completely broken out!  My whole face was covered in bumps and red spots, it was not a welcomed sight.

    I am now certain that the change in diet is what caused all of these problems to go away back when I noticed they were gone.  I am also sure that the very high-carb meal that I tried to enjoying was the cause of the problems I dealt with after eating it.  I am amazed at what a change of diet can do for the body and how fast these changes happen, both good and bad, so I think I will continue to refrain from high-carb foods for the foreseeable future.  



     I have only been eating low-carb for a little over a week now, but I have already noticed some changes happening.  The first change I noticed started only a few days into this new WOE and has stayed with me since.  It is an increase in energy.  I have been waking up completely refreshed anywhere from a half hour to two hours before my alarm goes off in the mornings.  This is a welcome change as I used to wake up when my alarm sounded and feel as if I could sleep for another 4-5 hours.  Within a couple hours of waking up, I used to have to fight the urge to take a nap, but that isn’t happening any more either.  I finally feel awake during the day and am sleeping well at night.  

     Another change I have noticed is my skin is clearing up.  I developed acne at age 9 and it is something I am still struggling with at 25, but the last few days my face is seeming to clear up.  Since I haven’t changed my skin care routine lately, I believe this is directly related to my diet changes.  

     The last change I have noticed is the amount of headaches I get has decreased.  I have always had headaches rather frequently, at least one every other day, but often times more like one a day.  If I had an abundance of carbs and sugar, I would end up with a headache.  I got checked for diabetes but when that came back negative we did not know why my headaches came from eating carbs.  Now that I am eating low-carb, I have only dealt with 2 headaches.  While I do hope that my headaches go away completely, 2 is much better than the normal 4 or 5 I would have in a week.  

     I think these changes are all a good sign that I have chosen a new WOE that is working for my body instead of against it.  I am happy with the choice I made to go low-carb and am looking forward to see what changes come next.