Week 8 Weigh-In

     This week, I didn’t manage to lose any weight, instead I gained a pound.  I am not surprised by this because to be completely honest I haven’t stuck to my diet and exercise much this week.  After last week’s realization about how badly carbs affect my body, I still found myself self-sabotaging all week long, even though I knew it would make me feel like crap.  I gave into my cravings, didn’t plan low-carb meals, and rarely exercised.  The entire week was a flop.

     I don’t really know why I did this to myself, except that it felt easy.  I had a week off between classes and we were snowed in for four days, so I could have worked out more and spent more time on preparing low-carb foods, instead I took the easy route.  I felt confined and bored, so I indulged in food and laziness, two things I would indulge on in the past when feeling bad.  I even stayed away from blogs for the most part so that I didn’t have to face everyone else who was doing the right thing, I didn’t want dragged out of my funk.

    But as quickly as all the negativity came, it disappeared just as quick.  Yesterday I was able to leave my house, hang out with some friends, and get my hair done.  I restocked my kitchen with healthy, low-carb foods and bought a new workout game that I can do with my children.  Today the sun is shining, temps are rising, and the snow is finally melting; I am feeling good and ready to put in the work needed to continue losing weight and getting healthy.

     I don’t know what caused my problems this week, but I am glad it is over!




Week 3 Weigh-In and Thoughts on Giving Up

     Today was weigh-in day and it did not go as badly as I thought it would.  Because of the lack of planning I faced at the end of week two and start of week three, I really expected to gain back all four pounds I had lost in week 1 plus a few more pounds.  Instead, I gained back three of the four I lost, bringing me to a grand total of losing 1 pound in three weeks.  Of course, I do not like this number at all, but I made up my mind before I weighed in that whatever the results were I was going to accept and move on.  So that is what I am doing, I am looking at weeks 2 and 3 as a stumble in what will be a much larger journey and am looking to week 4 to get back in gear.  

     I know that some people would see that three-pound gain so early in this journey and say that this new WOE is not working or that it shows they cannot stick to it.  I know this because I used to be that person.  If I saw even a one pound gain on the scale I would get discouraged and it would eventually result in my giving up.  I am the type of person who tries to do things perfectly even though I know that is an impossible standard to meet and if I see that things are going wrong, I tend to give up.  I have done this on countless diets, projects, and even with my schoolwork (finishing up with my degree this year!).  Because I am aware that I do this, I am finding ways to overcome it and one way I am doing that is to look at the larger picture.  If I looked at my weight gain this week as only a weight gain, it would become very discouraging; instead, I am choosing to see that while I did gain a few pounds back I also gained an understanding of the importance of planning my meals.  I may have stumbled with the numbers of it all, but I am learning important information that will help me succeed in the long run.  That is more important than those three pounds so this time around I am not giving up.  

     This week I will be putting a lot more focus on eating the right foods, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of exercise.  I am also going to plan my week’s meals and a list of healthy snacks to post on my refrigerator door so that I am prepared for the week.